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Haircuts in Mooresville NC

19 July

We recently completed working on a project for a Hair Salon in Mooresville, NC.  The owner had communication issues with the original webmaster and was looking for better service and a more open line of communication with her webmaster.

After obtaining the website and making the requested edits, we began our second conversation regarding search engine optimization, internet marketing, and Google. She wanted her website to have a  better rank on Google for her primary search terms and we were more than willing to help.  First a little keyword research to determine what keywords and key phrases to target, next is edit the website for target these specific terms, and finally internet marketing.

The internet marketing portion of her project is more along the realm of expertise and the methodology that we use was successful! Within 4 to 6 weeks her website was ranking on over seventy five percent of her primary terms!  Several of her target terms was predicted to be more difficult and take longer to rank on Google due to the competition for those more general terms, but regardless, she is very happy and seeing a noticeable increase in calls and appointments from our efforts.

Yesterday, we enjoyed some of the fruit from our labor and received discounted  haircuts at her Mooresville salon.  




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