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Backflow Prevention Specialist

10 May



As a society, we take for granted that we have access to clean drinking and bathing water 24/7 and from the time that plumbing was invented, clean water has been the driving force to health and longevity of life to the human race and the importance of keeping that water uncontaminated is great.

Backflow prevention is the most important part to the plumbing of your home. Backflow prevention protects you and your family from contaminated water which could cause you to get sick. When there is a water main break or any other scenario that will cause low water pressure in your home, a backflow prevention system keeps that contaminated water, which can come from the ground, a septic tank, or even from stagnant water,  from flowing back into your plumbing – drains, faucets, etc. Every house needs a backflow prevention device installed into the plumbing system and for a Mooresville Plumbing Services like All Star Plumbing, backflow prevention installation is a breeze. They also test and provide certifications of all size backflow preventers. 

All Star Plumbing specialize in the installation and maintenance of backflow prevention systems as well as other plumbing services. Other services that they provide are water heater installations and repairs, fixture repairs and replacements, toilet repairs and replacement. If you have plumbing that needs to be fixed, give All Star Plumbing a call.




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